Popular Cricket Equipment

The game cricket was first played in England in the early 18th century. From then on, this game has gained so much popularity and eventually has turned into a separate religion. Cricket is so popular in countries like England, India, Australia, Pakistan, etc. Cricket is also the national game of England.

To play cricket, one will need so many equipments. Starting from the major cricket equipment like cricket bat, there are numerous other equipments like gloves, stumps, cricket whites, cricket hats, cricket helmets, cricket shoes, etc.

Professional players would require almost all the cricket equipment that is available in the market. Cricket whites, as the name suggests contains a cricket shirt and cricket trousers.

Next are the cricket helmets. These helmets are used by the batsman and the wicket keepers to protect their head while playing. Cricket hats are used by the fielders to avoid sun glare while fielding. Another equipment used for protection is the cricket arm guard. This arm guard gives the batsman the extra protection against fast bowlers.

Apart from cricket bats and cricket balls, so much of equipments for cricket are there for every single cricket player. All these equipments are for professionals as well as amateurs.

There is special cricket equipment called the cricket bag, which allows you to store all the necessary cricket equipment in one single bag, so that you can carry it easily. This cricket bag usually contains cricket bat, cricket ball, cricket stumps, etc.

All these equipments not only ensures quality cricket playing but also ensures abundant protection for the players with the help if protective guards.

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