Sachin Tendulkar- A man with Billion Dreams

Well, we never thought that this man would become one of the highest runs scorers in the history of Cricket. He started off his career with baggage of challenges yet, he became successful. We are going to narrate a little master’s cricketing journey. Never had he ever thought he would face Wasim Akram- Pakistani pace bowler in the very first innings. He was out on a very first ball. There was a lot of sledging going when a college-going kid came into bat for the very first time. Indian Team was in hot soup by then as the middle order batting department was not up to the mark. When the little master entered the team, he was asked to open the innings and later on he achieved many milestones, which is beautifully narrated in Sachin Tendulkar biography English.

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Sachin’s Approach Towards the Game

He was training under Coach Achrekar. Achrekar used to sit and understand the player’s attributes and then he used to help them work on it. He sculptured Sachin into a top-order batsman. Earlier, the little master had an issue with the batting stance. Coach gave him some of the tips, which he inculcated. The practice sessions used to be in the mornings as well as in the evenings. At times, Sachin could not recover himself from the hardcore practice sessions. But, Achrekar had recognized talent in him and never wanted him to relax.

Sachin’s Journey through International Career 

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The Hardwork, Grit, and passion, that they had towards the game evolved him to become the greatest cricketer of Team India. There were some of the instances wherein, he was dropped from the playing eleven because of poor performance. He was prone to injuries back then but what kept him going is the passion alone. Sachin was a very good batsman but not a good captain. There is no compulsion that a good captain should be a good player or vice-versa. He failed big time as a captain and he always had a dream of winning the World Cup for his country, which became true in 2011, under the great captaincy of MS Dhoni.

Retirement- Accept it with Grace 

The aging is the natural process that each and everyone has to go through. Sachin retired from all formats of the game when he was 40. Now that he is grooming his son Arjun Tendulkar, let us wish him all the best.

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